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Once upon a time, business was easy.

Anyone could win as long as they out-spent and out-marketed everyone in their field.

But things don’t work like that anymore.

And there’s only one thing now that separates the alphas from the rest of the pack.

And that’s innovation.

Whether an organization lives or dies is now decided on how quickly you can out-innovate your competitors.

In your products. Your marketing. And even in your leadership.

There is a way that you can know all this.

There is a way to make sure your organization is, in fact, innovating and pushing ahead of your competitors.

And that is through experimentation.

But when we say “experimentation” we don’t mean, simply, “conversion rate optimization.”

Because the term “CRO” itself is false.

It assumes what CRO is all about is tiny, incremental uplifts in conversions and revenue. It implies that CRO is only tweaking and testing and tweaking again on a technical level in a never ending cycle.

But the true power of experimentation is much, much more than this.

True experimentation is what helps you drive innovation at product, leadership, and market levels. It inspires and fuels your next strategic business moves across all units in an organization.

But experimentation is not being used the way it should.

It lives in a silo. And even in organizations that claim to be championing experimentation.

Because when you peek behind the curtain of their day-to-day activities, it becomes crystal clear.

When companies say they champion experimentation, what they really mean is they have talented people who ideate, design, run, and analyze experiments.

They mean that these people present their findings every few months in board meetings, and earn a pat on the shoulder and a “well done” from C-level. They mean that these people who work in experimentation in their organizations might even be thought leaders or win awards for their experiments.

But what actually happens beyond just sharing the findings of their experiments?


Nothing changes. Everyone simply goes back to doing what they’ve been doing every day, of every week, of every month. Over and over again.

And that’s a shame.

Because it means even if CRO practitioners are doing a good job, the experiments they’re running aren’t resulting in meaningful change.

What makes things more complicated is that these practitioners can’t drive this change. They can’t make an organization passionate about innovation and about experimentation.

They’re simply too far down the chain of command to make C-level sit up and act on the insights they share.

And this is our mission at Effective Experiments.

In fact, it always has been.

But, we used to think that a platform, an organizational tool would help solve these problems and foster internal cultures thriving on experimentation and innovation.

But over the past 5 years, we’ve seen it play out again and again in front of our own eyes.

Just improving processes, just improving the way experiments were documented and the way information was shared, was nowhere near enough.

Experimentation should be an organization-wide business strategy, with insights shared across all business units in a loop to continuously fuel innovation.

And this is why we created Experimentation Ops™.

It’s not just a purpose-built platform designed to support gold-standard experimentation practices.

Experimentation Ops™ is a framework. It’s the glue that helps C-level, VPs, the strategy makers, and even different business units understand how to innovate using the insights gained from experimentation.

It’s a framework that breaks down the silo experimentation lives in through training and coaching and workshops that drive change management at a core level. And it’s supported by a purpose-built platform that doesn’t just help you execute, but helps you share these precious insights from experimentation and foster a true culture of innovation.

If you just want a platform to manage experiments you can use Excel, Sheets, Airtable, Notion, or any other generic tool.

But if you want to orchestrate and scale your experimentation program across your organization and get everyone standing on their feet, rallying behind innovation — from C-level through to experimentation practitioners — then you need Experimentation Ops™: a best-in-class platform and strategic framework that helps transform ordinary companies into innovative industry leaders through experimentation excellence.

And this isn’t something that just sounds nice on paper.

This is what they’re doing right now at some of the world’s largest organizations. It’s what they’re doing at IKEA. At GSK. At Bumble. At CISCO and Sage. And we know this to be true, because we are working with them today.

These are the organizations that see the true value in innovation and know that experimentation-done-right is its driver. And it’s their championing of experimentation that makes them the leaders in their field. And they will continue to lead because they are driven to innovate.

The question is now, do you want to lead?

Do you want your organization to champion innovation and experimentation? Do you want to stay ahead of your competitors in this new age of business where anyone can win? 

And if your answer is yes, then we can’t wait to show you what’s inside Experimentation Ops™.

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Manuel da Costa

A passionate evangelist of all things experimentation, Manuel da Costa founded Effective Experiments to help organizations to make experimentation a core part of every business. On the blog, he talks about experimentation as a driver of innovation, experimentation program management, change management and building better practices in A/B testing.