Get clarity (and control) over your entire experimentation program with the Experimentation Ops™ Workflow & Insights Platform

Build a single source of truth with a comprehensive platform built for the Experimentation Process out of the box. From Research to ideation, experimentation planning, sharing and reporting, Effective Experiments has everything an organization needs to grow the maturity of its testing program.


Proudly supporting enterprise experimentation teams

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Tracking, Monitoring and Growing The Maturity Of An Experimentation Program Requires More Than Project Management Software.

You need a SYSTEM built specifically for the nuances of growing experimentation programs.

The Experimentation Ops Workflow & Insights Platform
Effective Experiments is a the only system built specifically for managing and scaling organization wide Experimentation. A system that helps teams multiple teams work in unison, collaborate, ideate, track and plan their research and experiments and analyse the impact. All in one system.


End-to-End Experimentation Workflow


Workflows for the entire Experimentation process right out of the box.

Orchestrate your organization’s entire experimentation program within a single platform.

Say goodbye to copy pasting data from spreadsheets, project management tools and powerpoint decks.

Effective Experiments’ works right out-of-the-box with workflows and automations built to gold standard Experimentation Ops practices.

Creating, planning, designing, and executing experiments has never been smoother.

Experimentation Workflow Management for the entire program from idea to execution to reporting.

  • Research repository for all your customer insights
  • Idea Backlog and prioritization
  • Experiment planning & monitoring workflows

Insights Engine


Find insights within seconds in your knowledgebase.
Your single source of truth.

No more hunting for data in multiple tools to find insights.

The Experimentation Ops™ Insights Engine helps you find any research, idea, experiment or report based on your criteria.

Help your Experimentation and product teams find what others have been working on without the hassle of email or creating Powerpoint decks.

  • Create granular search queries to find specific insights or experiments
  • Understand what has worked or not from your historical experiments which can be found in seconds.
  • Build a culture of learning with easy access for your teams and stakeholders
  • All results lead to actual experiments and research housed within Effective Experiments. No more jumping into different platforms.

Manage & Prioritize Your Idea Backlog


Generate and prioritize research backed ideas effortlessly

Build and manage a robust backlog of ideas that you want to test within your team. Effective Experiments’ helps you build ideas from different sources so you never lose track of where the idea came from or what research insights triggered it.

The idea backlog allows you to separate your ideation from your experimentation workflows to help you make clearer decisions on what tests to run.

  • An interconnected idea backlog sourced from research insights, crowdsourced idea intake forms or within the platform.
  • Completely customizable Prioritization models or use one of the default models
  • Increase the maturity of your team by helping them plan and prioritize efficiently.
  • Capture relevant information in the ideation stage to decide whats worth testing
  • Visualise fully prioritized, partially prioritized or unprioritized ideas easily with informative cards.

Experimentation Roadmaps


Automated Gantt Charts provide Unparalleled visibility of your entire program timeline

The built in automated roadmaps mean you always have the most up to date view of your entire experimentation roadmap.

And as your experiments move from one stage to the next, the platform automatically populates your roadmaps for you.

So that you can see, at any point in time:

  • What experiments are coming up further down the line
  • Clashes and collisions when planning your experiments
  • A detailed roadmap that can be filtered and segmented to show you what you’re looking for.

Automated Reporting


Automated Dashboards and reports to highlight the performance & growth of your teams and people

Trying to understand the impact your experimentation program is making on the company?

The Experimentation Ops automated dashboards will show you the performance of your entire program right from the company level all way down to individual teams and people.

The reporting suite helps you save more time than other generic project management tools. Moreover, it gives you insights on all the nuances about your experimentation program

  • Automated reports that replace the need to create experiment Powerpoints
  • Visualize detailed stats about your program health and impact
  • See who your top performing teams and people are and coach the ones falling behind.
  • Spot the bottlenecks that are preventing you from scaling your testing program

3rd Party Integrations

Pull and Push data from commonly used 3rd Party vendors

The Experiment Ops ™ platform integrates with a host of leading 3rd party experimentation tools, developer pipeline and collaboration tools

  • Sync your experiment plans with data from leading A/B testing tools
  • Integrate with Jira to push and pull information from development teams
  • Keep everyone up to date with real time updates from Slack.

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