Announcing A New Integration With Kameleoon, a unified platform for all-team experimentation

At Effective Experiments, our aim has always been to equip experimentation teams with tools to scale their testing programs, increase visibility in the wider organization and drive better decision making using insights gained from the test and learn process.

We are pleased to announce a new tech integration with Kameleoon, which allows customers of both platforms to seamlessly sync their research and insights, ideation backlog, test planning, and reporting.

Kameleoon is a web and feature experimentation solution designed for all teams, enhancing the collaborative experimentation experience.

According to Frederic De Todaro, Chief Product Officer at Kameleoon,  “This collaboration empowers our customers to benefit from Effective Experiments’ best-in-class solution to drive experimentation excellence within their organizations. Together, we’re transforming how all teams manage and execute their experimentation strategies, ensuring they can experiment their way while making informed decisions swiftly and effectively with governance frameworks and guardrails brought by Effective Experiments.”

The Integration allows Effective Experiments users to document their research, ideate and prioritize and create robust test plans that are then pushed to Kameleoon with real time results and up to date information flowing back to Effective Experiments.

In turn, these experiments linked to Kameleoon can be shared effortlessly with the wider organization in the form of shared roadmaps, experiment plans, and through live updates to our chrome extension WatchTower

This seamless workflow saves CRO and Experimentation practitioners time and reduces errors when it comes to documenting their results and learnings.

The integration will be available on all Effective Experiments plans starting from just £100 per month.

Why we’re excited about this integration and why Kameleoon customers will be too.

  • Streamlined processes, with the ability centralize your experimentation activities in one platform vs the old inefficient ways of using multiple tools to keep track of everything.
  • Improved data accuracy, with data entered or captured in one tool automatically flowing between Effective Experiments & Kameleoon.
  • Enhanced collaboration, using Effective Experiments sharing capabilities to inform and engage the wider organization.
  • Increased efficiency, by eliminating multiple tools and the admin overhead of keeping them up to date.
  • Program Intelligence, Get clear oversight of the performance of your program and how to improve it using Effective Experiment’s Experisense features.
Connect your experiment plans and control your experiment in Kameleoon.
Get live results directly synced from your Kameleoon experiment

The integration is available now. Want to see how Effective Experiments & Kameleoon together can improve your experimentation program and help your organization make better data driven decisions?

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Manuel da Costa

A passionate evangelist of all things experimentation, Manuel da Costa founded Effective Experiments to help organizations to make experimentation a core part of every business. On the blog, he talks about experimentation as a driver of innovation, experimentation program management, change management and building better practices in A/B testing.