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Ideal for solo CRO or teams wanting centralized documentation and workflows.

£100/ month
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For teams wanting to give greater visibility, evangelize & get greater engagement from the wider org.

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For organization wide experimentation and standardising, improving and scaling their experimentation capabilities.

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£100 / month
5 users


Starting from £280 / month
Maximum 10 users


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Minimum 5 users

Users & Organization

Maximum User Licenses

Users are individuals with access that count towards license usage. They have privileged access to add, edit, update and delete experimentation related today.




Maximum View Only Licenses

Viewers are individuals with the ability to login to Effective Experiments where they can search, view, and interact with all the data without the ability to change or update it. Viewers don’t count towards license numbers




Role based access privileges

Invite individuals and assign them specific roles in specific projects

Projects / Workspaces




Workspace Grouping

Group projects and workspaces to get consolidated reporting and dashboard across those teams, business units or brands.

Single Sign On

Log in using your companies Single Sign On (SSO) credentials

Core Experimentation Workflow

Idea Backlog & Prioritization

Build a backlog of ideas, create hypotheses and prioritize it using out of the box or customisable priotritization models

Experiment Plans, Kanban & Workflow

Build detailed experiment plans and visualise your experiments in the workflow

Pre Configured Workflow Templates

Ready to use out of the box templates configured for the experimentation workflow

Customisable Workflow Templates

Easily manage and customise the experiment plans, prioritisation and workflow to match your unique experimentation workflows.

Find Experiment Insights

Search through your entire experimentation knowledgebase with our powerful search functionality to help you find exactly what you’re looking for

Integrations with testing tools

Pull data from popular A/B testing tools and keep your experiment plans in sync. Get real time results and updates in Effective Experiments

Results tracker

Structured capture and reporting of metrics, insights and recommendations

Track Customer Insights

Research Workflow & Repository

Paid Add on


Create New Research From Stakeholder Requests

With Add On

Create New Test Ideas From Research Insights

With Add On

Make Your Work Visible To Others

Automated Experiment Reports

Automated Experiment Roadmap

Shareable Roadmaps

Crowdsource Ideas From Anyone In The Organization

Watchtower: View Experiments On Your Website

Program Oversight

Program Stats

Experiment Health Scores

Experiment Audit Trails

Detailed information about ideas and experiments highlighting the steps taken and changes made during the workflow from start to finish

Objectives & Initiatives

Create and track business and stakeholder objectives and map which activities (research, ideas and experiments) are moving the needle for those objectives


Create guides, training materials and company specific processes to establish Standard Operating Procedures for your program

People & Team Stats

Get a detailed view of the performance of every individual in your testing program that highlights their contribution and the quality of their work

Integrations with 3rd Party Tools



Adobe Target

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Slack : Push Updates

MS Teams : Push Updates

Jira Integration

Jira Cloud Only

Jira Cloud & On-Prem

Push To Jira


Manual & Automated*

Field Map & Sync With Jira

Sync your Effective Experiments with your Jira tickets and map the fields from Effective Experiments to your Jira setup.

With Jira Pro Add-On

API Access

Internal tools

Want Effective Experiments to push or pull data from your internal testing tools, data warehouses or setup that we don’t support out of the box? We can build bespoke add-ons to support this.

Bespoke Customization



Help guides

Help guides

Live Training


Ticket based

Ticket based

Live Chat & Video Calls

Expert Implementation

Ongoing Experimentation Ops support

Quarterly Business Reviews

Contracts & Payment

Contract Periods




Payment Terms

Online Payment On Signup

Online Payment / Invoice

NET30 by invoice

Trials & Proof Of Concept

7 Day Trial

7 Day Trial

Paid POC

Contract & Legal Review

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