Using Optimizely to run experiments?

Are you still manually documenting your Optimizely tests in spreadsheets and generic project management tools?

Effective Experiments is a better way to manage your entire experimentation in one system from Research to Ideas to Experiments & Reporting.

Meet Effective Experiments
An Experimentation Ops™ Workflow & Insights Platform

A Complete System Built For Experimentation Teams To Document, Plan And Report on their research and experimentation activities.

Effective Experiments is not a project management tool. It is an Experimentation Ops system with out of the box workflows for experimentation and research. Connect it with Optimizely and build a Knowledgebase that is searchable and shareable across the entire organization.

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Designed for Experimentation Programs That Want To Scale

Join other exciting companies growing their Experimentation Programs with us

Sync your experiment plans with Optimizely seamlessly

Effective Experiments native integration doesn’t require any additional effort other than adding your API key. It is pre-built and mapped to all the fields in Optimizely so you could be up and running within minutes.

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Start saving time and scale your Experimentation Program

Find insights within seconds

Powerful Insights Engine gives you answers within seconds

Search through your knowledgebase and find any experiment, idea or insight you’re looking for.

Brainstorm new ideas based on historical experiment insights

Allow your organization to self-serve and find insights

See what’s working and what isn’t instantly

Visibility & Transparency

Keep everyone informed with a single click

Your insights and knowledge need to be shared with the wider business and stakeholders to get traction. Effective Experiments makes it easy to keep everyone informed.

Automatically generated Roadmaps & Dashboards

Give stakeholders access to Experiments with a single click

Share always up to date Experiments lists based on your criteria

Time saving reports and dashboards that help you understand the health of the program

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Ready to ditch the spreadsheets and grow your experimentation program?


Why the world’s largest enterprises choose Effective Experiments

We started using Effective Experiments at Cisco to provide a more effective way to log, share and manage testing and personalisation activity globally, which was previously done in siloes across different regions. The platform has allowed us to improve our workflow process, save time through avoiding duplicate testing across regions, and collaborate better with our colleagues running testing activity across the globe.

Sandip Amlani
CISCOSandip Amlani, EMEAR Digital Lead

Why the world’s largest enterprises choose Effective Experiments

The team at Effective Experiments have helped us customise our views to align with our processes and create templates within the solution that work for our Optimisation Programme. We have significantly improved stakeholder feedback and engagement by enabling them to view the details of our Optimisation Programmes at a glance in Effective Experiments.

Sarah Coll
SageSarah Coll, Global Senior Manager, Digital Experience


What is Effective Experiments?
Effective Experiments is the only platform that is dedicated to Experimentation Ops. It’s not a project management tool even though it may have some similarities. Effective Experiments is a workflow and insights platform that helps experimentation teams document, track, monitor and report on all experimentation activities in one place. Practitioners save time with automations and time saving features whereas organizations get visibility from a single source of truth containing all the insights gained from experimentation.
How does the Optimizely integration work?
Effective Experiments uses the Optimizely API to connect to Optimizely and sync experiment data and results to provide a realtime picture of your results within Effective Experiments.
Doesn’t Optimizely have program management?
Yes, and whilst Optimizely have similar features, they are tied with the Optimizely feature set. Effective Experiments is built for all the nuances of multi-channel, organization wide experimentation and we have been serving customers for the last 9 years. Many of these are Optimizely customers (as well as customers of other platforms).
Whats the advantage over Airtable or Jira?
Airtable or Jira aren’t built for experimentation and though it can be made to perform some of the data capture aspects of experimentation, it requires a lot of effort to create a system that provides value long term. Managing an Experimentation program goes beyond data entry. Effective Experiments is built by experimentation professionals who have been working with clients for 9+ years. We designed the system so it works out of the box and can be adopted quickly without any trial and error.
How much does Effective Experiments cost?
Have a look at our Pricing page to learn more about our plans.