Do you want to
lead or be led?

Experimentation Ops™ enables you to unlock competitive business insights and become truly innovative by tapping into the hidden power of experimentation.


Success in business is no longer determined by who can out-spend and out-market the competition

But by how agile and innovative your enterprise can be.

Meaning that being innovative enough to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition is a critical business challenge.

And what makes this challenge harder is that we naturally resist change. Innovation across your product, your marketing, and even throughout your leadership is impossible unless your organization truly champions it.

But what does “innovation” mean for your organization? And how should you actually “innovate”?

How do you know what to focus on? How do you know if it’s going to work? And how can you know if it won’t before too much time and money has been wasted?

And now, there is a way for you to get answers to these burning questions.

Introducing Experimentation Ops™

A strategic framework and platform designed to help enterprises become innovative through their experimentation programs. From C-level and internal stakeholders right down to practitioners, Experimentation Ops helps you tap into the true power of experimentation to help you become the industry leader you’re meant to be.

Tapping into insights from experimentation

Using the Experimentation Ops™ framework and platform, we’ll work with you side by side to audit your experimentation setup and organizational challenges. We’ll then actively walk you through building and implementing a gold-standard experimentation program designed to make experimentation and innovation a core element of your organization’s DNA.

Through hands-on workshops, training, coaching, and support, we’ll show you how to unlock innovation from experimentation to help you get ahead of your competitors no matter how challenging the industry.

  • Lay the foundation for an innovation-first organization
  • Unlock your true competitive edge — and get a clear path to acting on it
  • Easily validate hypotheses and minimize risks for more informed decision-making

Why the world’s largest enterprises choose Effective Experiments

We started using Effective Experiments at Cisco to provide a more effective way to log, share and manage testing and personalisation activity globally, which was previously done in siloes across different regions. The platform has allowed us to improve our workflow process, save time through avoiding duplicate testing across regions, and collaborate better with our colleagues running testing activity across the globe.

Sandip Amlani
CISCOSandip Amlani, EMEAR Digital Lead

Why the world’s largest enterprises choose Effective Experiments

The team at Effective Experiments have helped us customise our views to align with our processes and create templates within the solution that work for our Optimisation Programme. We have significantly improved stakeholder feedback and engagement by enabling them to view the details of our Optimisation Programmes at a glance in Effective Experiments.

Sarah Coll
SageSarah Coll, Global Senior Manager, Digital Experience

And that’s exactly what we can help you with.

My name is Manuel da Costa.

And as the CEO and founder of Effective Experiments, we’re empowering some of the world’s largest organizations to get ahead and stay ahead of their competitors, by driving digital innovation through experimentation and testing.

These companies aren’t using experimentation and testing just because everybody’s talking about it on LinkedIn.

Or because they see it as something that needs checking off a to-do list.


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