Experiment Planning & Workflow

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Experiment Plans

Capture detailed and standardised A/B test plans for your experiments.

Track and manage your experiments as it moves through a structured testing process

Out of the box Standardised Experiment Plans

Build your experiment plans from your idea backlog. Ensure the highest quality with standardised templates and workflows so everyone follows the same process.

Effective Experiments is built to support experiment plans and workflows built on best practices which can be customised for your specific use cases.

Standardised customisable templates and workflows for testing

Step-by-step processes that guide the user to run high quality tests

Integrations and automations with Jira & testing tools

Share Experiments Easily

Clear and easy to read experiment pages designed for maximum engagement

No more looking at lines of a spreadsheet and random powerpoint decks. Experiment pages clearly show all the relevant images, screenshots and results to help anyone in the organization make sense of it.

Experiment pages that inform and engage the wider organization

Keep a close eye on experiment quality

Easily share experiments with the wider organization

Experiment Results & Reporting

A simple way to track your experiment results through a step by step wizard

Effective Experiments guides your analysts to enter the results (or pull it from your testing tool) and enter the insights gained from the test.

Report on all the metrics from your experiment plans

Track the outcome of your experiments

Document your insights and recommendations for your stakeholders

Keep an eye on the implementation of the experiment with rollouts

Show Your Live Tests To Anyone In Your Organization As They Browse The Website

With WatchTower, the new Chrome extension by Effective Experiments, your stakeholders and wider teams will know what tests are live by using our intuitive chrome extension. Designed to work seamlessly with your workflow in Effective Experiments, it will always be up to date with no effort required from you.

3rd Party Integrations

Seamlessly push and pull data from 3rd party tools

Sync your experiments with commonly used developer and A/B Testing solutions

Integrate with Jira to inform your devs of upcoming tests

Sync with A/B testing tools to get real time metrics and results

Push real time updates of your progress to Slack

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